Sept, 2014 — A video clip is released of Dr. David Healy reviewing the history of Study 329 in a lecture in Cardiff, Wales.

Sept 3, 2014 — Study 329 is re-written. The re-write reflects the results actually indicated by the data. Entitled: "A randomized, controlled trial of the efficacy and harms of paroxetine and imipramine in the treatment of adolescent major depression: Restoring Study 329" is submitted to BMJ.

The Authors are: Le Noury, Joanne; Bangor University, School of Medical Sciences; Nardo, John (Micky); Emory University, Psychiatry (retired) Healy, David; Bangor University, School of Medical Sciences Jureidini, Jon; University of Adelaide, Paediatric Mental Health Training Unit Raven, Melissa; Flinders University, Discipline of Public Health Tufanaru, Catalin; University of Adelaide, Joanna Briggs Institute Abi-Jaoude, Elia; University of Toronto, Psychiatry.