McHenry, Leemon

leemon-2I got  my Ph.D in philosophy from Edinburgh University.  I am now a lecturer at California State University, Northridge. I have held visiting research positions at Johns Hopkins University, UCLA and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh. My research centers on metaphysics, philosophy of science and medical ethics.

I have focused on the interplay between medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. I have criticized the corporate take-over of medicine and the corrupting influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medicine. This includes dubious claims about chemical imbalances as a marketing ploy for selling antidepressants, industry-sponsored clinical research, ghostwriting for medical journals and direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals.

I have argued that industry-academic partnerships have worsened university research, created increased opportunities for scientific misconduct, and failed to protect academic freedom.

As for the Paxil documents on the Drug Industry Document Archive (DIDA), these were de-designated in the Paxil efficacy and suicide cases. I believe that Paul Thacker when at POGO got them from Baum Hedlund and gave them to DIDA.