Raven, Melissa

RAVEN Melissa 20121011

I am a psychiatric epidemiologist, policy analyst, and activist. Although qualified as a clinical psychologist, I have worked primarily as a lecturer and researcher in public health, with a major focus on social determinants of health.

My main interests are misuse of psychiatric epidemiology, inappropriate psychiatric diagnosis, inappropriate prescribing of psychotropic drugs, and promotional strategies used by pharmaceutical companies, key opinion leaders, opportunistic policy makers, and other players with vested interests.

I am a founding member of Healthy Skepticism.

And if I had a chance to come back in another life, it would be as an ornithologist-conservationist. From where I live in the Adelaide foothills, I often see black cockatoos flying past, in this case being chased by magpies. They are usually in groups of two to ten, occasionally up to about one hundred. They have a distinctive, eerie cry. They are wary of humans, and I have never seen one land on a building, unlike the white cockatoos, which will land almost anywhere.


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